Bernadette Youngquist

Poetic mixed media abstract paintings that connect to emotion and create a sense of calm

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About the Artist

Originally from New York, Bernadette has lived in Colorado most of her life and considers it home. She lives and works near the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Bernadette cannot recall a time when she wasn’t observing her surroundings and trying to reshape them into a personal vision. One could say she was born with artistic sensibilities and the need to express herself.


After earning degrees in psychology and sociology and soon after starting a family she began to focus her aesthetic sensibility into a variety of creative pursuits and finally landed on abstract painting to which she has dedicated the last several years. Bernadette is primarily a self taught artist who is deeply inspired by the works of the American Abstract Expressionists known as the New York School. Most recently she completed online art instruction through the Art 2 Life Academy led by San Francisco artist Nicholas Wilton.


She has exhibited work locally and internationally. She is currently represented by a local gallery and works out of her inspiring lakeside art studio.