Michele Hardy

Abstract imagery heightened by elaborate threadwork and use of texture

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Characteristics of my work include strong texture, contrast, and graphic appeal, and vibrant color. The relationship between the colors and shapes is an important part of my imagery, juxtaposing large blocks of color and areas of intricate stitched detail. I portray very definite divisions of what is below or above, upon or within, with clear lines that define the boundaries between them. These can be interpreted as landscapes, cross-sections, and maps of our world, or they can viewed as purely abstract forms, leaving the viewer to their own associations. The choice of color is an important energy in my images since how we view the world often depends on how we color our own personal worlds.


Michele Hardy is a full-time studio artist possessing a playful sense of color and form. With her vivid imagination, and inspiration from the real world, she creates intriguing fiber art. Her colorful abstract imagery is heightened by her elaborate threadwork and use of texture. Michele uses a variety of dyed, painted and printed fabrics and an assortment of decorative threads in her work. Originally from New England, she has lived in California, Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado. Michele now resides in Silverthorne, Colorado.



My technique is a combination of fiber collage, quilting, and embroidery. Spontaneity is an important aspect of my creative process. I use a variety of dyed, painted, and commercial fabrics, many of which are transformed by extensive printing and/or stitching prior to construction. I typically construct a background, arrange and layer images, quilt, then add additional machine embroidery to complete the piece.