Rose Freeland

An ongoing interest in reviewing accepted norms of visual representation and its effects

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My Process

When I created my thesis show in 1993 at the California Institute of the Arts created 14 images that were a combination of photos of myself morphed into paintings and digital drawings to express The Illustrated History of Women. My work was novel at the time; no one was using computers yet at school. I printed the work through the same processes as a billboard and utilized large-scale printers in a Los Angeles billboard manufacturer. I have continued to use computer software as an artist's tool and remained a painter with traditional materials, such as oils and panel substrates. 


As an artist and sometimes author of books and short stories and poetry, I see my process as an effort to tell a story, if even an experience. The Colorado Series of paintings was created from the memory of my visits to Aspen and tells the color story, but at the same time, I express specific experiences time of day or night. This work is like trying to save a thought or memory to a tangible visual saved moment.  The result is then created as a digital transfer to wood and is a substantial process with custom substrates and framing. I maintain this process is relevant and does not need additional editions of the same painting. The production and completion are of one unique image that locks in a moment in time with art.