Collection: Alicia Thompson

I have been inspired by the Colorado landscape my entire life. Growing up in the foothills, I've spent many hours observing, drawing, photographing and painting various aspects of this state's beauty. I continually attempt to recreate, emphasize, or reinvent the unique lighting and textures in the subject matter I view. My love and admiration of the outdoors runs deep, and I am consistently inspired and awed by our state’s natural beauty. I grew up next to the Big Thompson river, and am still drawn to both the river’s calming allure and raging energy. There is a healing, centering, and grounding quality that spending time outdoors gives me and I strive to relay that in my work, as well as the importance of conserving these natural gifts we are so fortunate to still possess.

Although I dabble in many art forms and materials, painting has remained my true love since I picked up a paint brush in my first high school painting class. Over the years I have been inspired by so many different types of artists, not just nature or landscape painters. In my own artistic journey, however, I find myself returning to this subject matter again and again.