Collection: Denise Presnell

For me – the most important factor in the studio is neither the subject matter nor a concept as I produce a painting. The most important factor is my attitude in the studio. Focusing from a mental construct removes me from what I love most about painting – pure, instinctive freedom. If I am not working from my heart, I am struggling and dissatisfied. If I approach a canvas or panel with a willingness to risk failure while trusting my instinct for color, I am far more excited about being there. When I find myself veering off into a path of thinking too much about meaning or content – I am very definitely painting like someone else. I feel like I am getting better about noticing that and I can right myself back to my true home.

Physically, my abstract work embraces the malleability of oil and cold wax as well as the spatial and emotional qualities of color. My approach to composition is more organic than logical. I want a loose interpretation – not something imbedded in dogma. Spontaneity is key for my process.