Collection: Jim Benest

Jim's love of photographing landscapes and florals led him to travel to South America, Italy and the American Southwest. From 2004 to 2009, Jim opened and managed his own gallery, The Collective Fine Art Gallery in the Historic Old Town District of Fort Collins, Colorado.

While immersed in running his own fine art gallery and representing numerous local and national artists, a new creative spark was ignited. While Jim still carries his camera at all times and will continue to bring to you the stunning images that he captures, he has turned more and more to the allure of painting as his creative outlet. As a result, you will now more often find a brush or palette knife in his hand as you would a camera. His medium is acrylic, he prefers to work in the abstract and he loves to explore the use of color, mixed media and lots of texture. As Jim says.. the journey has only just begun.