Collection: Shell Ray Blanchard

My current paintings are an exploration into esoteric knowledge and wisdom using two-dimensional art as my form of expression, communication and interpretation. My journey has included many teachings and wanderings into the mystical through meditation, nature, sacred geometry, Daoist stone medicine, plant medicine, music/sound, nature, science and personal experiences.

I seek to share my journeys through my art with the intention of the expression of sublime harmony through form, abstraction and color... connection to something beyond self. I enjoy the idea of the viewer becoming a participant in the piece... guiding the observer into their own inner sanctuary... that special quiet place, where the fast pace of daily life melts away and one returns to a calm, coherent state of being. Taking time to look with your eyes, bring it into your mind and allowing it to drop into your heart space.

Art making is a passion for me. I have been an artist all my life and a professional artist all my adult life in one form or another. My career started in architectural design creating large scale interiors. I had the good fortune of working alongside some of the most renowned architects, designers and artists of our time. People that think way out of the box, which is way fun. This showed me how to create with absolute abandon. It’s always, always evolving.