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Bruce Herman

Celestial Wetland

Celestial Wetland

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Photography/Archival Inkjet Print
16”H x 20”W (unframed, print only)

Celestial Wetland (AK.45.L.0897) B&W 2021

Wetlands are one of my favorite places to photograph regardless of the season. In this particular wetland, windblown snow and ice, which are common in winter, are replaced by a profusion of sedges and yellow pond lilies in the summer. I made this image in the late summer after the lily flowers were gone and the leaves were starting to decay. It was a rare day when the wind was calm. The far side of this wetland is a steep rock cliff, whose reflection was dark because it was in the shade. The absence of its reflection in the water and the lack of ripples gave the illusion of the plants floating in space. I made this photograph with a 4x5 Linhof Teknikardan camera and a 355mm lens.

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