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Bruce Herman

Flat Car Towed to Nowhere

Flat Car Towed to Nowhere

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Archival Inkjet Print, Limited Edition (10)
13”H x 20”W (unframed, print only)

Flat Car Towed to Nowhere (_85a3754) B&W 2020

I have a fascination with old construction and mining equipment. It’s often found abandoned where its owners last used or attempted to use it. The “Last Train to Nowhere” is a collection of railroad engines, cars, and supporting equipment that were brought to Alaska from New York in 1903 to haul ore from mining camps to Nome. The project failed with the rail line incomplete. The train was left sitting in the wetland near the coast near where it was taken from the steamer that brought it to Alaska. As I walked among the ruins, it felt as if they were imbued with a sense of failure. The wind and rain only added to that sensation. It was that feeling that I attempted to capture with this photograph. I made this photograph with a Nikon D850 and a 14-24mm lens.

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