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Bruce Herman

Meandering Through a Birch Forest

Meandering Through a Birch Forest

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Archival Inkjet Print, Limited Edition (10)
20”H x 16”W (unframed, print only)

Meandering through a Birch Forest (AK.45.L.1587) 2020

Late fall is one of my favorite times in the year. The trees have lost most if not all of their leaves, revealing their trunks and branches. And yet, the forest is not devoid of color. The grasses are still green and those leaves that remain on the trees and undergrowth still have color. It feels as if the forest is drawing one final deep breath before withdrawing all of the color prior to the onset of winter. There is a sense of calm, and yet tension associated with anticipation. I made this photograph with a 4x5 Linhof Teknikardan camera and a 135mm lens.

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